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Who are we?

Trackstar is a dedicated & experienced group of staff members who are trained in making sure your next event is fully covered & 100% secure. We specialize in onsite communications that are designed to fit your needs for any type of job, project or convention any size, any place. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional, top notch equipment that will guarantee a safe & secure atmosphere throughout the entire extend of the event.

What do we offer?

  • Save money on weekly & monthly rentals
Delivery/Pick up in the Atlanta, Georgia & Charlotte, North Carolina area
  • Shipping available anywhere in the U.S.
  • Free sitewalks (if necessary) to make sure your whole property is covered
  • Equipment comes charged & ready to use
  • Earpieces,headsets,speaker mics,extra batteries
  • Security, clubs, political functions, sporting events, construction jobs, video sets, school functions, parades, parties, weddings, golf classics, trade shows, concerts, tv & film…etc

Don't get stuck at your next event without any communication!!

If you want to be professional, get professional!!

Call Trackstar Communications….We'll get you covered……..Fast!!!

Please send us an email regarding questions & quotes and one of our staff members will contact you right away.


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  • Call: 404-916-3264

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    Atlanta, GA 30325